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Unlimited Download

User can download YouTube Shorts video as many as you need.

Fast Download Server

No limit bandwidth for downloading videos. Download YouTube Shorts videos with super fast download speed.

FREE to Use

SnapShorts is ALWAYS FREE to use. No need spend money to get YT Shorts videos

Simple & User Friendly

We designed SnapShorts for user-friendly purposes, So User can easily download YouTube videos without scrolling or navigate to different page.

High Quality Video

100% Guarantee High Quality Video as long as source of YouTube video itself is High Quality

Secure & No Identity Needed

User do not need to provide any credentials or identities for using SnapShorts, We do not need your credential! We just need your support by disabling your Ads Blocker or by clicking one of Our Ads

What is YouTube Shorts?

YouTube Shorts is extends of YouTube regular video, the different is YouTube Shorts provide videos under 1 minute each videos like its name "Shorts". YouTube also provide different algorithm for YouTube Shorts, Each Shorts video will be appear on our YT dashboard randomly.

YouTube Shorts has made to compete with other short-form video like TikTok, Instagram Reels, SnackVideo, and many more. Shorts is integrated on YouTube App itself, so you can watch many Shorts videos via YouTube App for mobile devices in short-term (under 1 min) each video.

Shorts is a new way to entertain people. for creators Shorts is a new features to gain billion audience around the world. YouTube says Shorts will come with a lot of new Features according to User Feedback. YouTube Shorts is currently available on mobile device using Android and iOS users.

What is SnapShorts?

SnapShorts is a FREE website (we called Tools) for User to download any YouTube Shorts videos, because currently is not possible to download Shorts video from YouTube App itself.

SnapShorts is very easy to use, User just need to copy YouTube Shorts url videos on their device, and just paste the url in this page. As easy as that, User can download the video without any effort and money. User can Save ANY VIDEOS on the YouTube Shorts. User can BOOKMARK this page, so next time you need us, we available to Download Shorts Videos for you.

SnapShorts has made with Heart, we made for user-friendly UI and support for any device's screen like desktop, tablet, laptop, mobile device, etc.

How to copy YouTube Shorts url/link for download on SnapShorts?

  1. Open Youtube Application on your device. If you are using Browser, open Youtube Website.
  2. Find your favorites Shorts videos that you want to download.
  3. When the video played, you will see Share button on the right bottom of your screen, click Share Button.
  4. Pop up will come out, you need to tap on Copy Link option. Make sure link already copied into your clipboard.
  5. Yay! you just copied the YouTube Shorts Video's url. Next, you just need to go to SnapShorts to download the video.

How to download YouTube Shorts in SnapShorts?

  1. From tutorial above, you have copied Shorts Url. Now, go ahead on step 2
  2. Open SnapShorts website, if you already on this page, just scroll up at very top of the page, you will find Input Section, you just need to Paste your previous copied url from Shorts.
  3. After you copied the url, hit Save Video button to let server begin the process to downloading your video.
  4. Viola! after several seconds your download link ready to be donwload


Do I have to PAY for downloading video using SnapShorts Website?

No!, SnapShorts was made for FREE TO USE! and it will always FREE!. We just need your support by turing off your Ads Blocker or making donation without any enforcement. Donation will make us more productive to make another App.

Can I use SnapShorts on Android/IOS?

Off Course you can! SnapShorts support cross browser, and operating system. So, don't worry you can open SnapShorts in all platform.

Where are YouTube Shorts videos saved after download from SnapShorts?

Files are usually saved on your default download location as long as you are not change manually files destionation folder

Does SnapShorts need my Username to download videos?

We do not need your Username for download videos from SnapShorts, keep your privacy on your hand

Do I need to install another extensions to use SnapShorts Downloader?

No, you can save directly after copy-paste YouTube Shorts URL into Input Field above, by clicking download, it will directly saving your videos